Requirements in Russian here / Требования на русском языке здесь.

1. General description of the format
2. The width and height of the creative
3. File size limits
4. HTML5-creative implementation specifications

1. General description of the format

The ad format with the specified height and width. Use the HTML5, JPG or PNG-creative for this format.

2.The width and height of the creative

Standart creative size:
  • 300х250px

    Мобильные приложения Livejournal (iOS), Чемпионат, Рамблер/новости, Рамблер/гороскопы

3. File size limits

The total weight of the creative and all the uploaded files — up to 100KB.

4. Сreative implementation specification

You must provide the creative in HTML (all files and links from the creative must be placed inside html, using the archive is not allowed) or image format.

4.1. HTML5-creative implementation specification
  • Ad-markup should be snippets of raw HTML (or JS) code and should not be full HTML documents.


<a href='https://www.mopub.com/nike.com'> <img src='http://nike320x50.jpg'> </a>


<a href='https://www.mopub.com/nike.com'>
<img src='http://nike320x50.jpg'>
  • It is possible to escape characters if necessary and it is not recommended to URL-encode your ad-markup.
  • Use HTTPS protocol, including click links.
  • We recommend that you use only one of the ways to add a click link - with attribute href or redirect window.location
  • The code should not contain opening and closing tags: html, head, meta, title, body, doctype. JavaScript and CSS should be placed inside html, not in separate files.
  • All files and links from the creative must be placed inside html. You need to provide 2 files-for iOS, and for Android.
  • Use the attribute target for links to specify in which window the advertiser's site will be opened when clicking on the creative.
4.2. Image-creative implementation specification

Сreative format: PNG or JPG.

  • These requirements are supplement the General requirements to ad placements.
  • The placement can only be guaranteed if the ad materials, that fully meet the requirements, was submitted at least in five working days before the start of the ad campaign.