1. General description of the format

Video format inside articles, news and other site content. The sound is turned off by default, but can be turned on when you press the mute button.

2. Aspect ratio and resolution

You must provide a video in horizontal orientation.

  • the aspect ratio is 16:9 or 4:3;
  • the maximum resolution is 1920x1080px, the minimum resolution is 640x360px.

3. The maximum weight of the creative

The weight of the video file must be up to 100MB.

4. Video requirements

  • The duration of the video is up to 45 seconds.
  • The file format is mp4.
  • Any video codecs are available (recommended h.264).

  • These requirements are supplement the General requirements to ad placements.
  • The placement can only be guaranteed if the ad materials, that fully meet the requirements, was submitted at least in five working days before the start of the ad campaign.